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freedom of information

Data Protection Act 1998

At this pharmacy we keep a Patient Medication Record (PMR) for every patient for whom we dispense medication. This medication record contains all the information that we know about the patient and is relevant to their pharmaceutical care. Examples of the information held on an individuals PMR are the patient’s name, contact details, date of birth, Doctor’s details, prescription exemption details, known allergies, medical conditions and pharmaceutical consultations with pharmacy staff. Under the Date Protection Act 1998 each individual has the right to request the details of the information we hold on them. This information is confidential and can only be provided to the person the information refers too. To make a request for details about the information we hold about you and for details of the cost and time scale for the request to be processed please contact The Proprietor at Ticehurst Pharmacy.

Freedom of Information Act 2000

This pharmacy must provide information to the public setting out the NHS services it provides and any other information that is in the public’s interest. The types of information which are available under the freedom of information act about the NHS services which this company offers are in the following document Information available from Wringtons Ltd under the Freedom of Information Act model publication scheme.

If you wish to make a request for information then please write to Nigel Howard, The Proprietor at Ticehurst Pharmacy, Church Street, Ticehurst, East Sussex TN5 7AA with the details of your request and we will respond to the request with details of the cost and whether we can provide this information under the rules of the Freedom of Information Act.