Ticehurst Pharmacy - The heart of a healthy community.


Medical Conditions

The pharmacist is always available to speak with you if you require advice or further information on any aspect of your prescription or over the counter medications.

Health Leaflets

We stock a range of free information leaflets covering other local healthcare services, general public health advice and leaflets on your medication.

Confidential Help & Advice

In the pharmacy there is a private consulting room where you can talk to any member of staff about any aspect of your healthcare.

Emergency Supplies of Prescription Medication

We may be able to help if you need a prescription medicine in a genuine emergency when it is impossible to get to your doctor. However this service is outside the NHS and there will be a charge for the medicines supplied. A supply of emergency medication is at the professional discretion of the pharmacist on duty.

Unwanted Medication

Do Not Hoard Old or Out of Date Medicines. Please return to the pharmacy all unused medicines for us to dispose of safely. This Pharmacy can only accept unwanted and out of date medication. We have no facility to collect needles. These items should be returned to your Doctor’s surgery. Please do not dispose of medication by any other routes (eg. flushing down the toilet or putting them in the bin) as this can be extremely dangerous.

Medicine Containers

To help elderly or confused people take their medication correctly we can recommend special containers marked with daily doses. We sell these containers for carers to fill or we can provide a managed system, filled monthly, by us at the Pharmacy.

We put all medicines in child resistant containers unless you ask us not to. This does not mean that they are childproof. No medicine container is.